Cassian Consulting has the expertise necessary to successfully drive your business into a digital era by standardizing and automating your processes, such as data manipulation, analysis and interpretation. This data and information organization is imperative for your business activities and it will ensure a favorable progression towards business intelligence and digital transformation.  Cassian Consulting will help you increase efficiency, growth, precision, accessibility to data, reliability, and the predictability of your business operations.

Software development, automation, programming, Montreal, Laval, automation, digital transformation, digitization, BI, business intelligence, Microsoft Excel, Access, increase efficiency, productivity, profitability

Software Development

Services: Software development, Programming, Automation, Montreal, Laval, Business intelligence, BI, digitisation, digital transformation, software development, Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, efficiency, productivity, profitability

You would like to follow the evolution of your business operations, and keep up-to-date with current trends? You would like to take the best possible decisions for your business? Data analysis and interpretation is crucial to a successfully digital transformation. With our help and our solutions, it is possible!

Our software development service is broken down into 3 steps: analysis, development, and follow-up. Depending on the scope of your project, and of your needs, our service can include either one, two or three of these steps.

Analysis: During the first step, we will analyze your needs, your methods, your processes and your operations in order to recommend different strategies of standardization, optimization and the creation of various communication channels.

Development: Through-out the process of software design, you will be informed of the progress. We will present you with your software or application as it evolves.

Follow-up: Finally, once the final product has been delivered, we offer training on all functionalities of your program and we offer technical support through-out its use. What’s more, our methods and processes are continuously evolving, which allows us to up-date your software in order to continuously increase efficiency.

In short, Cassian Consulting accompanies you through-out the duration of your project, continuously offering you improvements and rapid support, ensuring your business’ continued growth.

Build, create and innovate with the Microsoft software series (Excel, Access, Word …)

Services: Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Montreal, Laval, efficiency, productivity, profitability, Software development, Programming, automation, Business intelligence, BI, digitisation, digital transformation

You must look at one of your favorite software through a different lens. Microsoft Excel is an incomparable software and offers many hidden capabilities. Do not simply use the basic functionalities of this software but explore it and take advantage of its full potential. In order to benefit from this potential, Cassian Consulting offers training, optimization and automation of your Excel files. In doing so, we transform your tasks, your processes, your operations into ‘’one-click” solutions, simply by maximizing the use of Microsoft Excel.

Much like Excel and the rest of the Office series, Access can also be transformed thanks to programming. Cassian Consulting can create, maximize, or completely automate your database using Access. We can go as far as integrate your operations into one management system (ERP). In doing this, your data is accessible across all departments. What’s more, you will have instant access to dashboards, performance indicators, and all of the necessary tools required to master the evolution and success of your business.

We can also help you go above and beyond Excel and Access:

  • By creating unique one-page dashboards, which allow you to see a summary of your commercial activities, facilitating clear decision-making;
  • By linking your tasks to complimentary applications, such as OUTLOOK or WORD;
  • By automating reports;
  • By assuring a communication with Microsoft Windows, as well as by manipulation of other applications;
  • By enabling connectivity, as well as research or reception of information from the WEB;