With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and the engineering industries, we can confidently say that automation and software development can help companies increase their efficiency and become more competitive. In today’s market, it is imperative for companies to take this leap.

With this in mind, our efforts were realigned in 2014. Small-scale projects became big projects and today, Cassian Consulting offers turn key software development services that automate and potentially manage your company’s entire operations.

Our strength resides not only in software development but also in the preceding steps (analysis, standardization and optimization of your processes and operations), as well as the subsequent steps (training, technical assistance and continuous improvement). The key to success for all software development projects is to control each and every step and to eliminate all room for error.

Our expertise with the Microsoft series of software (Excel, Access, …) is also very beneficial to our clients and helps us complete small projects quickly and efficiently.

Having successfully completed many exciting projects in programming development and in data processing, we can create personalized solutions that reflect your way of doing things and allows your company to grow to its full potential.

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Find the best way to resolve companies’ everyday problems by designing high quality software and technical tools that allow them to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Help people save time in order to accomplish more and enjoy life more.