Develop software to help exploit your company data, in order to move towards a digital era and to integrate business intelligence into your operations.

Put an end to manual tasks, data duplication and careless mistakes!

Cassian Consulting has the expertise necessary to successfully drive your business into a digital era. More specifically, by standardizing, optimizing and automating your business tasks, processes, and operations. By developing software and assessment tools, we can make it easier and quicker for you to manipulate, analyze and interpret your data. This allows you to use your time more efficiently, to increase employee productivity, and to improve the efficiency of your business operations.

In addition, we integrate business intelligence into your digital transformation. This allows you to be more pro-active with regards to the success of your business growth.

To facilitate this process, we use certain familiar software like the Microsoft Office (Excel, Access…). With these tools, we can integrate our programming to allow your business to surpass itself.

Finally, we are always on the look-out for technological advancements, and new software developments. Likewise, we can offer your business the best possible solutions to keep you above the competition.

In short, it’s a custom-made development service that grows alongside your business needs.

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Our projects range from the simplest to the most complex.

In some cases, the objective is to optimize simple tasks. For example, a billing file, a tasks list, or a management and planning system for placing orders.

In other cases, the objective is to automate more complex processes and operations. For example, an attendance or payroll system, or the creation of a database for supplies management.

The objective can also be much more complex. We can standardize your processes and consolidate your operations in an integrated management system (ERP). In this case, the company’s processes are integrated using the same platform. What’s more, we add an element of interconnectivity between the company’s various departments. The data is therefore centralized and you have a control over its accessibility.

Again, we offer custom solutions suited to your specific business needs: dashboards, time and attendance, timesheets, payroll, scientific and technical calculations…By having access to our years of experience and our extensive knowledge, it becomes easy and very possible for you to access information in a single click.


Cassian Consulting is much more than a software development company. With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering industries, we can confidently recommend the best methods for data management, to help standardize your processes and allow you to optimize your operations. The result is a significant increase in efficiency, financial savings, and time gained.

In addition, Cassian Consulting can help you with the Microsoft Office (Excel, Access…). For example, we can provide training on the best practices in the field. We can also create and optimize your files and your database thanks to the advanced functions of these software. Finally, we can completely transform your tasks into a one-click application thanks to programming. This is the ultimate solution to make your time more profitable, and to avoid the duplication of data, and the risk of human errors. Want to learn more about the incredible benefits of programming and optimization? Click on this link.

We can also go above and beyond optimization of your processes and operations. We can integrate business intelligence in a dashboard, thus allowing you to get a glimpse of the progress through visual graphics, performance summaries and indicators. With time gained and these smart business solutions, you will have better control over the success of your business.

We are committed to helping you throughout the duration of your project. Whether you have simple questions that need answering, or assistance during to the growth of your business, Cassian Consulting will be there.

Software development, automation, programming, Montreal, Laval, automation, digital transformation, digitization, BI, business intelligence, Microsoft Excel, Access, increase efficiency, productivity, profitability

Rely on us to optimize and automate your administrative tasks, processes, calculations, databases and operations. We have the experience and expertise to help you with digital transformation and business intelligence.